About us

YEVSHAN - ZILLYA band (Kharkiv, Ukraine) was founded at the end of 2016 by musicians and friends, whose goal was to prepare a small Christmas concert.
There were four participants in the first line-up: Ksenia Tsurina - vocals; Anna Konoval - Bandura; Sergey Ilarionov - double bass balalaika; Oleksandr Movchan - accordion.
Subsequently, the band changed both in terms of the composition of the participants and the instrumental composition, becoming a fairly large-scale project with 7-9 musicians.
Over the years, the band has participated in all-Ukrainian festivals and creative events, joint performance projects, as well as engaged in touring activities in Ukraine.
Evshan-Zillya presented their work at the following festivals:
- Trypillia Dawns; - Sorochyn Fair; - Sand Fest; - Nativity Scene Fest; - EthnoDRUM Festival; - Art Picnic of Slava Frolova; Since 2019, the main lineup is based on 7 participants who are joined by session musicians. The eclecticism of ethnicity, jazz and rock brings special pleasure to the band.


Anastasia Yefimenko - vocals, percussion;
Sergey Ilarionov - bass guitar;
Victoria Samoilovich - bandura, vocals;
Andriy Shnitsar - guitar;
Oleksandr Movchan - accordion, bagpipes, thereminvox, flute, drum, etc.
Milos Korda - kahon, percussion;
Anastasia Shmorgun - cymbals.